S.H.I.N.E™ Bike Reflective Tape

$19.99   $39.99

Ride safer than ever 

The S.h.i.n.e Bike reflective tape is designed for maximum reflectivity under light, making you nearly impact proof on the road ( assuming drivers are not blind ) 

Prepare your mount once and for all 

Our reflective bike decals are made with strong 3M reflective tape and built to last.

They are suitted for various activities, and will last even confronted to mud, rain, impacts or scratch.

They have been successfully proven themselves suitable for:

  • Road riding 
  • Off field riding
  • Mountain biking 
  • Motorcycles
  • Cross Bikes

Show your creativity

Shipped in various colors each of our reflective tape rolls are 10mm/0.39" for 800cm/314.96" of length 

Let's say that you have some error margin with 8 meters of tape for a full bike customisation so have fun and reflective coat you bike entirely if the idea cross your mind 

Setup procedure

For maximum adherence we recomend cleaning the surface where the band will be sticked with rubbing alcohol and then appling the band progressively and strongfully against the surface. 

Be carefull not to let bubbles risking to compromise the adhesive  

We designed the reflective bike band's width to easily accomodate the tubbular shapes of common bikes frames so no worries on this side